Christian J. Lange to present a public lecture at the Consulate General of France in Hong Kong

June 10th, 2014 by admin

Christian J. Lange with his colleague Jason F. Carlow will present a lecture entitled „Plan Voisin to Mei Foo | Cities of Repetition” as part of the French May lecture series at the Consulate General of France in Hong Kong. The lecture will present research work of the two speakers that focuses on large scale private housing estates in Hong Kong.


Date: 21/6/2014 2:30 – 4:30
Location: Salle Segalen, Consulate General of France in Hong Kong and Macau, 25/F, Admiralty, Center Tower II, 18 Harcourt Road, Hong Kong

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HK_smarTOWERS selected as one of ten workshop clusters at this years Smart Geometry conference

April 30th, 2014 by admin

Christian J. Lange of Rocker-Lange Architects has teamed up with Jason Carlow, Assistant Professor at HKU, Ramon van der Heijden and Alan Tai from Front Inc Hong Kong, and Gustav Fagerström from Buro Happold New York for this years Smart Geometry Conference in Hong Kong. The cluster workshop the group will lead is entitled HK_smarTowers and is drawing on the ubiquity of the high rise in Hong Kong.


The conference will take place at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, China, from 14-19 July 2014.

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Rocker-Lange exhibiting at 2013 Hong Kong & Shenzhen Biennale

January 3rd, 2014 by admin

Rocker-Lange Architects are participating in this year’s Hong Kong & Shenzhen Biennale with their research project entitled “The Ideal City of refigured Civic Space”. The project will be on display until February 28th and is located in the Kwung Tong Pier.

The project “The ideal City of refigured Civic Space” is a reevaluation and extension of the urban space, the space in which politics take place, and in which boundaries are set up and upset continuously. The project presents an inquiry in the relations between architecture and the city with a focus on urban edges and civic space.

RLA_ICRCS_02, The ideal City of refigured Civic Space, Cellular Automata Architecture

The Ideal City of refigured Civic Space establishes a new logic for civic space: Instead of limiting civic space to streets and plazas the project incorporates a ratio of open space into architecture. A new terrain for civic space occurs. The Ideal city of refigured civic space is based on rules and codes rethinking building and zoning codes in order to arrive at a civic space that reveals the complexities and contradictions of existing urban rules, typologies and life. The ideal city reflects critical on Hong Kong’s current urbanization strategies and the efficient and literal interpretation of zoning and building codes.

RLA_ICRCS_01, The ideal City of refigured Civic Space

RLA_ICRCS_03, The ideal City of refigured Civic Space

The new spaces are distributed and networked throughout the buildings with the consequence of a continuous vertical organization that works as civic spaces. In order to activate the public domain in each building, cores are broken into strategic segments with the implication that users will have to transfer through a layer of public programs to get to their destination. The resulting nature of “The Ideal City of refigured Civic Space” is a vast horizontal and vertical network in which the responsibilities and benefits of citizenship are fostered and executed. It is a space that is publicly accessible at all times. It is a space that is more than the agglomeration of streets, parks, urban structures and buildings; it is a space of boundaries, of demarcations and differentiations, of connections, and opportunities for civic life to take place.



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Ingeborg M. Rocker invited to join committee for the ALGOrithmic Design Quest Competition 2013|2014 (ALGODeQ)

December 30th, 2013 by admin

Ingeborg M. Rocker of Rocker-Lange Architects was invited to join the committee for the ALGODeQ: ALGOrithmic Design Quest Competition 2013 | 2014. She serves on the committee as an advisor and judge along with Makoto Sei Watanabe (Chairman), Michael Hansmeyer (ETH), Urs Hirschberg (Graz), Christian Girard (Paris), Antonino Saggio (Rome), Hani Rashid (New York), among others.


The ALGOrithmic Design Quest seeks to inspire designs that reflect hopes, dreams, and speculations fostered through new technologies, creative logics, and aesthetic intuitions. The competition’s purpose is to encourage the development of new design strategies for architecture and the city. The international competition will recognize outstanding works of architecture and urban design created by means of computation. Application deadline is February 4th.

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Ingeborg M. Rocker to speak at “ISSUES? concerning the projects of peter eisenman”

November 2nd, 2013 by admin

Ingeborg M. Rocker will participate in the conference “ISSUES? concerning the projects of peter eisenman” at the University of Belgrade. The conference will be held on November 11th & 12th 2013 and includes the following speakers and discussants: Peter Eisenman, Preston Scott Cohen, Greg Lynn, Pier Vittorio Aureli, Alejandro Zaera-Polo, Gabriele Mastrigli, Jeffrey Kipnis, Mario Carpo, Kim Foerster, Sarah Whiting, Manuel Orazi, John McMorrough, Cynthia Davidson, Joerg H. Gleiter, Djordje Stojanovic, Emmanuel Petit, Panayotis Pangalos and Ingeborg M. Rocker.

ISSUES_EISENMAN_01, Ingeborg Rocker

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Christian J. Lange will present RLA’s work in the booklaunch of Masterplanning the Adaptive City @ HKU.

October 1st, 2013 by admin

masterplanning_adaptive_city_02, Tom Verebes, Christian J. Lange, Rocker Lange Architects

Book Launch for: Verebes, T. Masterplanning the Adaptive City: Computational Urbanism in the Twenty-first Century (Routledge:2013)

2 October 2013
The University of Hong Kong
Department of Architecture
VENUE: CYP P4, Chong Yuet Ming Building

Organisers: Thomas Tsang, Tom Verebes
Presenters: David Erdman, Gao Yan, Christian J. Lange, Matthew Pryor, Tom Verebes
Moderator: Juan Du

- Introduction to: Masterplanning the Adaptive City: Computational Urbanism in the Twenty-first Century, Tom Verebes
- Matthew Pryor
- Christian J. Lange
- Gao Yan
- David Erdman
- Panel Discussion with all presenters, Moderated by Juan Du

Woman in Design Exhibition features Winning Urban Intervention Scheme by Rocker-Lange Architects

September 26th, 2013 by admin

The winner of this year’s Woman in design Urban interventions Competition by the BSA, Associated Professor Ingeborg M. Rocker and her partner Christian J. Lange ere exhibited at the BSA in Boston.
Rocker Lange Architects, Christian J Lange, Ingeborg Rocker, GSD Pavillion

“Featuring built and unbuilt projects led by women in the fields of architecture, interior design, landscape architecture, and urban design, this juried exhibition will showcase work created by some of Boston’s leading female designers. Based on the premise that architecture is both a reflection of technical achievements and an echo of social priorities and values, the exhibition will highlight alternate design approaches being pioneered by the current and upcoming generation of female design talent in the city.” BSA

The exhibit opening will be held on

Friday, October 4th at 6pm
BSA Space,
290 Congress Street,

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We are looking forward to seeing you there!

Rocker Lange Architects to receive an Excellent Work Award

September 2nd, 2013 by admin

Rocker Lange Architects have been recently awarded an excellent work award for their project “Blend-es-Scape”. The project was part of the international competition for The 5th China International Architectural Biennial 2013.The competition brought together architects, landscape architects, and artists to create a series of temporary physical installations on sites adjacent to the National Stadium in Beijing.

RLA_BLEND-ES-SCAPE_01, The Fifth China International Architectural Biennial, Rocker Lange Architects, Christian J. Lange, Ingeborg M. Rocker

The concept of the design is based on classic / traditional elements of Chinese architecture and culture that can be found in traditional Chinese gardens. Chinese gardens are all about the fusion of architecture and nature. The key elements for this project are the wooden screen, the Chinese lantern, the traditional roof, the openings in Chinese gardens and the classical wooden stool. The pavilion is an embodiment of these elements and synthesizes them through a simple modular system that serves as structure, circulation, screen and seating. The goal in this design was to blend inside and outside and outside with inside. The space and structure of the pavilion generates transitions between solids and voids, opacity and transparency and blends between the urban and the natural realm to generate a continuous transition from the fabric of the city into the fluid natural environment.

RLA_BLEND-ES-SCAPE_02, The Fifth China International Architectural Biennial, Rocker Lange Architects, Christian J. Lange, Ingeborg M. Rocker

The Jury Committee comprised of Cui Kai, Architect, China / Song Jianming, artist, China / Liu Kecheng, architect, China / Zhu Pei, architect, China / Xu Bing, artist, China / Zhang Xin, developer, China / Olafur Eliasson, artist, Denmark / Sheila O’ Donnell, architect, Ireland / Mack Scogin, architect, USA / Hans Ulrich Obrist, curator, Swiss / Joshua Prince-Ramus, architect, USA

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Rocker-Lange @ ICAMA 2013

August 25th, 2013 by admin

Christian J. Lange and Ingeborg M. Rocker will present their paper “Serial Architectures, Systems of Multiplicities and Adaptability” at the upcoming ICAMA 2013 conference. The international conference on Adaptation and Movement in Architecture will be held at Ryerson University, Toronto Canada during October 10-12 2013.
ICAMA_2013, Rocker Lange Architects, Christian J Lange, Ingeborg Rocker,Ryerson University, Toronto Canada

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Rocker – Lange’s work in Masterplanning the Adaptive City

July 4th, 2013 by admin

Rocker-Lange’s project “Density & Openness Revisited”: Recoding Building Bulk in Hong Kong will be published in the forthcoming book “Masterplanning the Adaptive City”. The book which is edited by Tom Verebes is about computational urbanism in the Twenty-First Century and will be published on 12th August 2013 by Routledge.

Masterplanning the adaptive city, Tom Verebes, Rocker Lange Architects, Christian J. Lange, Ingeborg Rocker

Abstract of the book:
“Computational design has become widely accepted into mainstream architecture, but this is the first book to advocate applying it to create adaptable masterplans for rapid urban growth, urban heterogeneity, through computational urbanism. Practitioners and researchers here discuss ideas from the fields of architecture, urbanism, the natural sciences, computer science, economics, and mathematics to find solutions for managing urban change in Asia and developing countries throughout the world. Divided into four parts (historical and theoretical background, our current situation, methodologies, and prototypical practices), the book includes a series of essays, interviews, built case studies, and original research to accompany chapters written by editor Tom Verebes to give you the most comprehensive overview of this approach.”

Essays by Marina Lathouri, Jorge Fiori, Jonathan Solomon, Patrik Schumacher, Peter Trummer, and David Jason Gerber.

Interviews with Dana Cuff, Xu Wei Guo, Matthew Prior, Tom Barker, Su Yunsheng, and Brett Steele.

Built case studies by Zaha Hadid Architects, James Corner Field Operations, XWG Studio, MAD, OCEAN Consultancy Network, Plasma Studio, Groundlab, Peter Trummer, Serie Architects, dotA, and Rocker-Lange Architects.

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