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“Transformative Expansion” The New Robotic Fabrication Lab @ HKU

Wednesday, November 15th, 2023

“I am very proud that we finally finished the installation of our upgrade for the Robotic Fabrication Lab at HKU. It took a while but the result has been rewarding.

Christian J Lange, HKU, Faculty of Architecture, Robotic Fabrication Lab, AI, Robotic Fabrication, Concrete 3D Printing

“Here the official text:
The Robotic Fabrication Lab at the Faculty of Architecture of The University of Hong Kong has undergone a transformative expansion, showcasing cutting-edge advancements in the latest robotic fabrication technology.

“The Lab now proudly houses two large-scale robots mounted on tracks, representing a significant leap forward for the Faculty’s research activities in robotic fabrication. These state-of-the-art robots are equipped with diverse end-effectors that can be changed seamlessly and instantaneously, demonstrating remarkable application versatility.

“The introduction of these advanced robotic systems marks a pivotal moment for the Faculty’s commitment to staying at the forefront of technological innovation within the architectural field. Incorporating robots on tracks with quick-change mechanisms amplifies the scale of fabrication and enhances accessibility for our researchers and students.

Christian J Lange, HKU, Faculty of Architecture, Robotic Fabrication Lab, Asia, Concrete 3D Printing, 3D clay printing, Autobryksformation, Autobryks 3D

“The Lab’s emphasis on adaptability is particularly significant, as the robots’ ability to swiftly switch between different functions – concrete printing, clay printing, pick & place solutions, welding, and many more – enables a broad spectrum of fabrication techniques for our various research activities. This versatility opens up new possibilities for architectural experimentation and pushes the boundaries of what can be achieved in terms of design complexity and material construction.

“The upgrade of the Lab has been initiated and planned by Christian J. Lange, Leader of the Robotic Fabrication Lab, together with team members Jacky Chu and Mono Tung.

Christian J Lange, ABB, IRB 6700, Vertico, HKU, Faculty of Architecture, Robotic Fabrication Lab, Concrete 3D Printing, AI, Robotic Fabrication, 3D clay printing, Autobryksformation, Autobryks 3D, Robotic Welding