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Ceramic Constellation | Robotic Fabrication & Building Workshop

Tuesday, May 2nd, 2017

Christian J. Lange will be teaching again a Summer workshop on Robotic Fabrication in Architecture at The University of Hong Kong. The program will take place from June 5th through June 16th 2017.

Ceramic Constellation, Robotic Fabrication, 3d printed bricks

This year’s summer workshop “Ceramic Constellation” is sponsored by SINO GROUP and is based on the current research undertaken in the lab that focuses on ceramic fabrication through the aid of the robot. Ceramics have a long history in Architecture, especially in the context of China. However, in today’s standardized world, the richness of the material is nearly gone. With few exceptions in contemporary Chinese Architecture, it seems that the materials’ remaining territory in the building industry diminished to the use of dull homogeneous façade tiles. Therefore the intention of this workshop is to test the potential of the material in todays advanced technological world and to build a large-scale pavilion that will be installed on a site in the Olympian City shopping mall in Kowloon.

The workshop comprises of a series of exercises on tectonics, computational design and robotic fabrication techniques and will culminate in the construction of a 1:1 large-scale architectural intervention. The workshop will expand the student’s skillset and understanding through building an innovative structure in real scale, and aims to open up the student’s understanding of the emerging creative uses of Robotics in Architecture.

– Workshop on Robotics in Architecture.
– Computational workshop on component based assembly structures.
– Fabrication of components
– Construction and Installation of a 1:1 scale intervention.

Set Up:
Hardware: 1 x ABB 6700 1 x ABB IRB 1600
Software: Rhino, Grasshopper, HAL

Up to 20 students of the Department of Architecture, HKU, led by
Christian J. Lange
Donn Holohan
Holger Kehne

The program will take place from June 5th through June 16th 2017.

Information session:
To give students a better understanding of the workshop we will have a lunch-time information session on May 12th in room 419 1:00pm.

The program is open to all fulltime students registered in the BAAS, March, MLA, MPhil and PHD programs in the Department of Architecture. Interested applicants should send a one page CV to the BAAS secretary Angela Ting by May 19th.