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Final outcomes of Fall M.Arch I studio @ HKU

Friday, January 6th, 2017

At last, we can show some photos of the final outcomes of the latest studio taught by Christian J. Lange at The University of Hong Kong. The M.Arch I studio entitled “Elements: Robotic Interventions 0.2 – Towards new territories in Architecture” had two main objectives. On the one hand it was a hands-on investigation on how we as architects can generate new technologies, material systems and craftsmanship with the aid of the robot, and on the other hand, the studio looked in how we can apply those for the development of architectural elements such as the column the roof and the wall.

Students eventually built three medium scale prototypes that were based on three different traditional timber construction techniques. The first being the “Dou Gong” bracketing system, which usually is the structural network that joins columns to the frame of the roof in traditional Chinese architecture. The second being the reciprocal frame structures that can be found in the timber woven-arch bridges in the Fujian and Zhejiang provinces. And the third being the “Luban Lock” or the so-called “Chidori system” a design concept derived from old Japanese/ Chinese toys, and that elegantly produces a six-legged hidden joint.

elements, robotic intervention, The University of Hong Kong, Architecture, robotic fabrication, Dou Gong, Christian Lange

Dougong, robotic architecture, China

weaving bridge,timber woven arch bridge, china, reciprocal structure, robotic fabrication, Christian J. Lange

reciprocal frame, architecture, timber woven arch bridge, Hong Kong

Luban Lock, Chidori  system, robotics, Hong Kong, Architecture

Luban Lock, Chidori  system, robotics, Hong Kong, Architecture, Christian Lange


Christian J. Lange


Chau Chi Wang
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Hung Chi Lok Ernest
Lau Siu Yan
Ma Jun Yin
Ma Ki Ho
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