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Essay of Rocker-Lange in Architecture in Formation

Wednesday, June 26th, 2013

“Architecture in Formation is the first digital architecture manual that bridges the gap between theory and practice, giving you a vital resource for navigating the digital future. Sixteen essays from practitioners, historians, and theorists look at the many ways information technology is being used to conceive and assess architecture to present to you a well-rounded discussion of the field. Twenty-nine projects illustrate real-world examples of the digital made concrete, so that you can see how you might do it too.”

Architecture-in-formation, Architecture In formation, Architectureinformation

Edited by Pablo Lorenzo-Eiroa, Aaron Sprecher

Featuring essays by: Georges Teyssot, Mario Carpo, Martin Bressani, Patrik Schumacher, Bernard Cache, Mark Linder, David Theodore, Evan Douglis, Rocker-Lange Architects, Antoine Picon, Michael Wen-Sen Su, Chris Perry, Alexis Meier, Achim Menges, Martin Bressani

The book will be published on 30th July 2013 by Routledge.

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