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Ordos 100 Villa, Rocker Lange, Roof, Ordos100, Ordos 100

rocker-lange architects are releasing their design of a 1000 square meter Villa in Ordos Inner Mongolia, P.R. China.
The project called “Inside Out|Outside In” is part of the Ordos 100 project and discusses the relationship and fusion of interior and exterior space.
Rocker-Lange calls for an architecture of milieu that an architecture of the circumstances and conditions by which it is surrounded.
An Architecture of Milieu no longer strictly distinguishes between its inside and outside it rather considers itself as always at once on multiple scales inside and outside, as architecture and environment.

Ordos 100 Villa, Rocker Lange, Entrance

Consequently architecture and its environment are thought of not only as inside and outside of one another, but as zones of possible relationships, in which inside and outside vary and shift to accommodate changing seasons and usage patterns.
The Architecture of Milieu is an architecture of situation rather than site:

architecture, diagram, Rocker Lange
An indefinitely expandable and differentiable ribbon serves as the continuous organizational strategy, inscribing zones of different degrees of interior and exterior space vanishing the separation between them.
Especially in the widely varying Mongolian climate, seasonal usages of living areas may change dramatically between the cold winters and warm summers;
by creating an architecture which is interwoven with its surroundings, we allow the climate to work with the inhabitants, rather than against them.

Ordos100 Ordos 100 Villa, Rocker Lange, diagram

rocker-lange architects where invited to take part in the Ordos 100 project, an urban development of 100 unique villas inthe cultural district ofthe city of Ordos in Inner Mongolia, China.

The project was initiated bythe Client, Jiang Yuan Water Engineering Ltd, the curatorFAKE Design, Ai Wei Wei studio, Beijing and architects Herzog & de Meuron, Basel.While FAKE Design,Ai Wei Wei studio developed the masterplan for the 100 parcels of land,Herzog & de Meuron selected 100 young architects from 27 countries around the globe. The project started in early April of 2008 with an architects symposium in Ordos. First villas are expected to be finished in late 2009.

Ordos100 Ordos 100 Villa, Rocker Lange, Interior


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